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"It is the mind itself which shapes the body"
- Joseph Pilates

If you want to move better & feel better (and inject a bit of humour into your movement classes), come and join us!

Based in Devon, you can find relaxed and informal classes in Exmouth & Exeter to help you de-stress and improve your quality of movement.


Class Timetable

My In Person Classes

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Claim your FREE Pilates class today!

We can help you to...

✔ Improve strength
✔ De-stress
✔ Improve your mental health
✔ Get better posture

✔ Improve your digestion
✔ Increase your core strength
✔ Return to those activities that you love!

Having a regular Pilates practice provides so many benefits for your body and mind. Here is what some of our clients have said;

❤ 'I can now sit on the floor with my legs crossed'
❤ 'My lower back pain has improved'
❤ 'My core has never so strong'
❤ 'The classes are accessible on all levels'


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Mebership Packages
  • 6 Week Package

    4 Classes to be used in 6 weeks
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Emergency Services

      4 classes to be used in 10 weeks
      Valid for 10 weeks
      • Specifically for those that work for the emergency services

    The Membership Packages

    Yoga Equipment

    I have always wanted to do Pilates as I suffer with lower back pain. The low impact nature of Pilates helps me strengthen my core and help my lower back.

    I really feel the benefit when I can attend the online classes twice a week. I feel really tired on a Thursday evening but I always feel in a good place mentally after I have attended the class. Saturday morning classes are a great way to start the day and I feel like I have achieved something by 10.30am!

    Kelly gives great instructions and I love that different options are given so I am able to perform the moves and can really see the progress I am making.

    Sharon, Cullompton

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    Don't see a class that works for you?

    I have an entire studio of "on demand" lessons, ready for you to tune into whenever suits you best.

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