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What is Power Pilates?

In the previous blog, I talked about Pilates generally and hopefully gave you a better understanding of what Pilates is and what you could expect from a class.

There are loads of different types of classes that you could attend, but one that I particularly like is Power Pilates. We ramp up the intensity a little in this class to tone, sculpt and strengthen the body using our Pilates moves.

You will definitely work up a bit of a sweat! We look to fat burn a little more than we would in a normal Pilates class, meaning that we will be working the cardiovascular system and bump up the heart rate a bit during the class.

And what makes it better, is that Power Pilates is fun! Try something new and test your limits with a Power Pilates class.

Let me know if you have any questions about this particular class, or anything else that we offer :)

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