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Pilates for Digestion

There are tonnes of benefits to having a regular Pilates practice.

Some of those benefits are more well known than others, such as increased mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. But there is a benefit that is far lesser known, which is how Pilates can aid digestion.

Generally, it is important to maintain good digestion, as it can nourish the cells within the body and help to keep the body healthy. When we do not have good digestion or there are problems with our digestion, it can lead to various digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you have any issues or concerns with regard to your digestion, the first step would be to speak with your GP, as there may be a particular digestive disorder that you are suffering from and it is useful to know what the triggers might be (for example, a food intolerance or stress).

What you may not know, is that the psoas muscle (located at the bottom of your spine and extends through the pelvis to the top of the leg) can become extremely tight, which may subsequently compress the abdominal region and put a strain on the digestive tract, leading to acid reflux, IBS and cramping...even more reason to work on our hip mobility and muscle lengthening!

Pilates and Digestion

If you are suffering from digestive issues, then Pilates can help. How? Well...Pilates primarily focuses on the abdominal region and abdominal workouts can contribute towards better digestion.

Some exercise in Pilates can stimulate and massage the digestive tract within the stomach area. In particular, twist movements are extremely effective and can introduce an appropriate amount of stress that does not over exert pressure to the digestive tract and stabilises the core by activating the deep core muscles.

Furthermore, the Pilates breath (breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth) can really help with digestive stress such as bloating and heartburn by using the stomach muscles to massage and bring relief to the digestive tract. In addition, the breath helps to stretch the digestive organs and release toxins! Who knew?!

Pilates twist movements that can aid digestion include the criss cross, roll up and saw.

If you suffer from any form of digestive issue and want to incorporate a form of exercise into your wellness routine, include Pilates as part of your plan for the new year.

There are a range of benefits of a regular Pilates practice...why not start to feel better in 2022?!

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